Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moustaches of the Yesteryear

John Henry Gee, described by the 1866 New York Tribune as:  'about 47 years of age, five feet nine inches in height, well built though rather slight, with brown hair largely sprinkled with gray, gray moustache and goatee, blue eyes, aquiline nose, with an intelligent and rather anxious expression.'

Speaking of intelligent, Gee, or "Doctor G" as he was commonly referred by his homies, was made famous by two things (aside from the aforementioned moustache and aquiline features).

First, in 1864 the Docta was made warden of a Confederate Army prison in North Carolina where lotta folks 'gone done died'.  

Second, Gee used his superior intellect by trying to stop a large urban fire with a 25 pound powder keg.   It was the last act for Doctor G, the Whiskers from the Land of Iskers.  Didn't even have time to kiss his butt goodbye.  The whereabouts of his moustache are unknown.

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